Cambs and Beds Group Conservation Information

Cambs and Beds HPS Conservation Scheme


Nationally the HPS runs a conservation scheme to save cultivars of hardy perennials, that are in danger of possible extinction. This could be for many reasons, ranging from changing tastes to difficulty in growing on for the retail trade. It would be a shame to lose many of these plants for posterity and therefore a group of us here at Cambs and Beds do our best to propagate and disseminate these plants every year.


All members are welcome to join in. A list of conservation plants can be found on the national website, and anyone wishing to join, just let me know what plants you would like to propagate and I will endeavour to supply them.


For those who have plants I have designed a table, which is just a quick go-to, to show the method and time of year for propagation of our conservation plants.


Peter Johnson




Propagation Table


Plant Division Cutting
Arabis Alpina   Softwood or semi-ripe


Astilbe Spring  
Bergenia Rhizome


Chrysanthemum Spring Basal Softwood


Epimedium Autumn  
Erigeron Spring Basal
Erysimum   Soft or Semi-ripe

Spring or Summer

Geranium Spring Basal Softwood

Early to mid spring

Helianthus Spring


Basal or Root


Hemerocalis Spring


Heuchera Late Spring  
Hylotelephinium   Softwood
Iris Rhizome division

Leave top exposed

Penstemon Spring Softwood early summer

Semi-ripe midsummer

Persicaria   Runners – Nodes of stem in contact with ground
Phlox maculata Spring


Basal cuttings Spring

Root cuttings Late Autumn

Phlox paniculata Spring


Basal cuttings Spring

Root cuttings Late Autumn

Pulmonaria Autumn Root cuttings
Rodgersia Spring  
Silene x walken Spring Basal softwood

Early spring

Symphyotrichum Spring Rooted Stem Cuttings from the edge
Veratum album Autumn  
Vinca minor   Layering
Rudbeckia Spring


Zantadeschia Spring Or detach offsets

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